About us

Activity of the organization „New Life“ is as follows:

  • Anti-addiction of alcohol, drugs, gambling and other addictions, work with people experienced violence;
  • Providing material and spiritual support and assistance, adaptation and integration of such people to society, guidance and assistance for a suitable job, receiving the aid, assistance to overcome the mental stress and discomfort, working in groups and individually
  • Spreading of Christianity and Christian values in society
  • Organizing lectures, discussions, keeping the correspondence in real time on the Internet
  • Also, we are active against human trafficking at the international level as well as in Bulgaria and we correspond with other organizations and ministries in Germany, Greece, England.

In other words, we helped those, who most people in society avoided. But let’s not forget that they are people with a soul and anyone who wants to change their lives into better one is not only possible, but it is real. We support these people, not reject them, we helped them not ignore, but encourage them and encourage that human life is too precious to squander it and yet not only worth living, but life is a gift from God. Anyone, who wants to help, can just connect with us.

Finally, I want to tell you: do good and overcome evil with good. And even if you see that no respects and does not respect the good you do, however do, not give up. Do the best you can do!

Contact the office of New Life Assembly:
Director: Dimitrina Ivanova.
Address: Bulgaria, Varna
Work time: Monday to Friday – from 8:30 to 18:30 pm
Telephones: +359 887 611 822; +359 895 351 710
E-mail address: office@newlifebg.info
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NewLifeBulgaria/

Donations and gifts:

Your donations or gifts (clothes, shoes) may be addressed to: str. Mir; bl.#3; ent.V; fl.2 ; ap.#54; Varna 9010; Bulgaria for „New Life Association.“(гр. Варна, п.к. 9010, ул. Мир, бл. 3, вх. “В”, ап. 54. за “Сдружение Нов Живот”.)
Cash to same address by postal order or by Western Union to Bulgaria from abroad to recipients „New Life Association“.